Rescue Me (EMSHE) A Short Audio Documentary

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ER24 paramedics at an EMSHE training session in Johannesburg.

Recently paramedics have yet again become the target of violent criminals. They are being held at gunpoint, severely assaulted or being robbed. The very same people that put their lives on the line are now the victims of crime.

When news broke that two paramedics were held at gunpoint in Gugulethu in the Western Cape and another paramedic stabbed eight times when he stopped to help a man, questions from various agencies poured in regarding the safety of paramedics and what action will be taken. I invite you to join me in this short documentary about what paramedics have to go through to keep themselves safe.

Click here to listen to the podcast

What does 2013 say in Music and Video?

YouTube recently published a video to celebrate 2013. Numerous YouTubers were invited to star in their mashup of moments that can be marked as some of the best!

Starting off with Kid President as seen on SoulPancake in what YouTube calls #Rewind2013.

List your best moments in the comments section below!

I was scared for my life – I saw the angels…

So, the government said they will be launching a full investigation into the controversial sign language interpreter used at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service at the FNB stadium.

I do hope this is a thorough investigation as it came to light that the interpreter is actually on medication for a “mental condition”. I am not saying that due to his medical condition he could not sign properly, but if you watch the video below, he makes it quite clear that he was afraid – and in the same breath “I don’t think there were any mistakes”. Ok!?

The video below is an insert that featured on eNews Channel Africa.

South Africans just know how to make people laugh. I mean just look at Trevor Noah. Everyone wants to be like him. This interpreter did such a great job that he went viral… eat your heart out Trevor. He made it to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. WOW!

I dont understand sign language and had no clue what he was signing, but it was obvious that something was not quite right. Let’s hear what a real interpreter makes of his signs…

Interesting quotes from Jantjie (‘interpreter’)

  • “If I start panicking I’ll start being a problem”
  • “What happened that day, I see angels come to the stadium … I start realising that the problem is here. And the problem, I don’t know the attack of this problem, how will it comes. Sometimes I react violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things that chase me,” Jantjie said. (eNCA)
  • He has admitted regularly losing control during so-called schizophrenic episodes. (eNCA)
  • He told the Associated Press on Thursday that he saw angels during the memorial service and that his hallucinations began while he was interpreting.

Well done to something completely different

Watch the Soweto Gospel Choir sing an incredible tribute to Madiba in our Parkview store.

On Saturday, 7 December 2013, Woolworths had planned a performance at our Parkview store in Pretoria to support our Operation Smile Christmas campaign. The Soweto Gospel Choir’s planned a rendition of James Brown’s I Feel Good. But, after Madiba’s passing the choir decided on a tribute instead. They chose Johnny Clegg’s Asimbonanga.

Its not often you see ‘flash-mobs’ in South Africa – but when we do it, we do it well! Although I don’t think we would be featured in a Step Up Movie, South Africans still know what it means to bring people together.

A worldwide legend – Nelson Mandela home page

The only other time Apple changed their home page was for Steve Jobs. If you visit it now you will find another legend and icon on their home page! In my life time, this is probably the first person where the name Nelson Mandela was known across almost every single language.

When someone hear you are from #SouthAfrica, the first thing they would is is, Nelson Mandela


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